You're a doctor, not an accountant. A more profitable, patient-focused practice starts here.

Efficient billing is your key to bringing in more revenue - so why are you still using outdated billing and reporting systems? Your practice deserves better. And so do your patients.

That’s where AdvancedBilling, the all-in-one billing and reporting platform that takes the hassle out of managing your finances, comes in.

All those hours your staff spends on data entry, denied claims, appeals, and lost reimbursements? AdvancedBilling takes care of them for you: it helps you automate almost every aspect of the revenue cycle.

Get back to what’s important: treating patients.

Exclusive AdvancedBilling features

  • ClaimsInspector™ - Automatic claims scrubbing guarantees you a 95% first-pass acceptance rate
  • ClaimsCenter™ - A centralized platform to manage the claims process from start to finish
  • eRemittance™ - One-click patient payment collection and eligibility confirmation
  • AdvancedInsight™ - Analytics and reporting tools help you identify revenue opportunities

Order today, get started immediately.

  • Subscription fees waived until May
  • Free demographic data transfer and translation

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