Easy Ways to Get Your Practice Noticed Online

There’s no question the internet and consumer-driven healthcare trends have dramatically changed the patient path to treatment. Empowered to do their own research, patients today typically start their quest online, relying on search engine results to direct them to best options. As a result, search rankings are key to new patient acquisition in the evolving healthcare environment.

In this webinar, we’ll explore search engine optimization (SEO) basics, simple steps you can take to improve where your medical practice lands in search result listings. Join our marketplace partner, Officite, as we discuss effective strategies for moving to the top of the list, making it more likely to meet new patients looking for care.

Key Takeaways:

  • Why your online reputation matters to search engines like Google
  • How your practice’s digital presence is constantly evolving with new technology
  • Ways to make it easier for new patients to find your website in search results
  • The importance of search engine optimization to your practice
Search Ranking 101: Climbing to the Top
Thursday, October 14 10am MDT
45 minutes + Q&A

Take My Practice to the Top (of Online Search Rankings)

Thursday, October 14
10am MDT