What You Should Know About Medicaid Redetermination

States are required to annually redetermine eligibility for all Medicaid enrollees and remove those who no longer meet eligibility guidelines. But did you know this process has been delayed for roughly three years?

The next 12–18 months will result in a monumental shift in the Medicaid status for tens of millions of Medicaid recipients. The ongoing coverage status changes will impact how:

  • Patients receive and pay for health care
  • Providers render care and are reimbursed
  • Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) entities bill and collect for their clients’ services

Join us Thursday, May 4th as our partner, FrontRunnerHC, helps you navigate the Medicaid Redetermination process and provides a perspective on revenue and cash optimization tactics over the coming 12–18 months.

Key learnings:

  • A deeper understanding of Medicaid Redetermination
  • The impact on both the revenue and cash cycles
  • How to mitigate the expected increase in claims denials
  • Scenarios where you or your clients may not get paid for services
  • Solutions to proactively deal with Medicaid Redetermination
  • How AdvancedMD can best support you through this complicated changing payer landscape

Featured Topic: What You Should Know About Medicaid Redetermination
Thursday, May 4, 10am MDT
45 minutes + Q&A

About FrontunnerHC: FrontRunnerHC's data automation platform helps healthcare organizations maximize reimbursement while also enhancing their patients’ experience with access to patient demographic, insurance, and financial information at any point during the care journey. FrontRunnerHC finds, verifies, and fixes patient information in real-time or batch, leveraging its access to the most payers in the industry. Defining the patient experience as the clinical journey + the financial journey™, FrontRunnerHC helps address the challenges that jeopardize both the organization’s ability to get paid and their patients' experience.

Simplify Medicaid Redetermination

Thursday, May 4
10am MDT