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Start a new subscription service for our advanced Reporting and Analytics bundle and we’ll waive all fees for this feature until your May 2022 billing period.

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Trusted analytics: insight with business intelligence.

You’ll love our new report building, dashboard configuration, pinning, and dozens of new productivity enhancements. You get a dynamic dashboard and enhanced data visualization capabilities. A powerful reporting engine provides business intelligence from easy-to-use reporting tools that let users analyze all aspects of your practice. Tools include a dynamic dashboard and custom reports to help reduce the effort and cost of financial performance management. The dashboard shows current, month, month over month, reimbursement trends, top 10 carriers, A/R trends, custom reports, and key performance indicators, including collections by Total RVU.

Financial and administrative staff can quickly and easily understand the many financial aspects of their practice, such as how Medicare reimbursements are trending. We make it easy to create custom reports and filter data by carrier, diagnosis, CPT, provider and location productivity reports, geotarget patient data for marketing capabilities. Any report can be exported to Excel and PDF.

In seconds, get the right data and understand that data through elegant and meaningful reports and dashboards.

Quickly build and customize reports for greater visibility into your financial situation.

Easily understand any aspect of your financial performance: payer mix, A/R trends, CPT reporting, productivity trending, reimbursement analysis, referring providers and more.