Telemedicine for mental health eGuide

Telemedicine is rapidly changing the model of care for mental health practices.

Download 3 Things Mental Health Professionals Need to Know about Telemedicine to see how adding telemedicine to your services can improve patient satisfaction and increase practice revenue.

Telemedicine is a proven game changer for mental health practices

Our free eGuide will walk you through the ins & outs of telemedicine for mental health practices, including:

  • Why telemedicine is the next big revenue boom in mental health
  • Why seniors are embracing tech-based mental health solutions
  • How telemedicine can help you better engage your patients
  • How telemedicine can help you add another revenue stream
  • How an integrated telemedicine / EHR / PM software platform makes automating appointment scheduling & billing simple

An estimated 3.2 million patients are expected to use telehealth services in 2018. Will you be offering virtual healthcare options to your patients or missing out on all that revenue?

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